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We provide rock mechanics consulting services in the nuclear waste management, rock engineering and mining sectors. We are also an Itasca agent in Finland and are happy to provide quotes or support for Itasca software.
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Nuclear waste management

25 years of experience in research and in situ experiments

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Rock engineering

Rock mechanics modelling in large tunneling projects

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Significant experience in life-of-mine rock mechanics modelling and stability predictions

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Itasca software agent

Itasca software sales and support in Finland


Experienced and innovative rock mechanics professionals.
Matti Hakala

Matti Hakala

Senior Rock mechanics consultant
+358 50 5849092
Matti has over 25 years of international experience in rock mechanics related to the deposition of spent nuclear fuel, civil engineering and mining. Of special interest are 3D numerical simulations and the design, execution and interpretation of in situ tests and stress measurements.

Jesse Ström

CEO, MSc, Rock mechanics consultant
+358 50 5606893
Jesse has an MSc in rock engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology. He has over 10 years of experience in rock engineering and rock mechanics from very demanding projects. He is a grade AA (FISE) designer of Rock structures.
Jouni Valli

Jouni Valli

MSc (Geology), Rock mechanics consultant
+358 50 3845796
Jouni has an MSc in Geology and over 6 years of experience from rock mechanics projects in Finland and abroad. He is specialised in 3D modelling and numerical rock mechanics simulations, involving both thermomechanical and dynamic simulations.

Jussi Mattila

PhD, Rock mechanics consultant & Adjunct Professor of Structural Geology
+358 50 3423470
Jussi has a PhD in Structural Geology and 15 years of experience from geological and rock mechanics site investigations related to the disposal of spent nuclear fuel. He is specialized in the characterization, analysis and modelling of brittle structures and the interplay between brittle structures and in-situ stresses.

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